Yeti Abomination: Gorvo The Howler D&D Miniatures
Yeti Abomination: Gorvo The Howler
Yeti Abomination: Gorvo The Howler

Yeti Abomination: Gorvo The Howler

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A mighty yeti, known for his cruelty on those that trespass upon his domain. Gorvo the howler is an abomination that must be faced. What hero will step up to the challenge?


Model can be printed in either PLA or resin. By default, photos of item are in resin unless otherwise noted. Please see PLA vs Resin article on the home page and in footer if you have questions on how model look may differ.

Scale is suitable for 28 mm - 32 mm tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), Pathfinder, and Warhammer, but does vary in size depending on designer. Please use the references provided in the photos shown with either 1 inch grids, D20, or 28 mm miniatures for scale.

We usually use a grey/silver color (unless colors are listed as an option), but might use an alternative that may be closer to the base color of a particular piece, such as light blue for ice terrain, green for plants, brown for wood, etc. Regardless of the 3D printed color, you can prime and paint to whatever end color you want. Contact us if you wish for a print to be a certain base color and we'll do our best to accommodate.

This model set comes unpainted.

Backgrounds or game mats not included.

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