Tikal Temple Grounds: Narrow Ramp

Tikal Temple Grounds: Narrow Ramp

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This is a set of modular pieces that make up Terrain4print's Tikal temple ground series. It can be used for both fantasy and sci-fi settings. Series walls, corners, floors and ramps etc can all connect together with the provided clips.

This set contains 1 narrow ramp piece.


Scale is suitable for 28 mm - 32 mm tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), Pathfinder, and Warhammer, but does vary in size depending on designer. Please use the references provided in the photos shown with either 1 inch grids, D20, or 28 mm miniatures for scale.

This model comes unpainted.

Any miniatures, backgrounds, or game mats not included.

Licensed printer for Terrain4print.