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necron terrain landing pad in black that glows green
Necrontyr Landing Pad
Necrontyr Landing Pad

Necrontyr Landing Pad

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A wide Necron-inspired landing pad, large enough to accommodate your Monoliths and even Obelisks. Total table footprint is approximately 360 mm square, with a height of about 40 mm.

Two versions of the landing pad top surface are offered; a solid version with engravings, and a  cut-out engraved version. The underside of the landing pad can be illuminated with LED lights, and combined with the cut-out version to provide a spooky glow in the color of your choice.


This model set comes unpainted. By default, grey color is used to print with, but may use natural object color (ex: green for plants).

Any miniatures, backgrounds, or game mats not included.

Licensed printer for 3D Alien Worlds.