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Music and Sound

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A full collection of instruments to rock your tavern throughout the night. Contains all manner of items that make noise, sound, and music for your 28mm gaming needs. Perfect for that lively tavern bard, group of court musicians, or wandering gypsy theater troupe. This set includes the following:

  • Stretched-hide drum
  • Lute
  • 3 open felt-lined lute cases (1 containing a lute, 1 with scattered coins, and 1 empty)
  • Upright piano with piano bench
  • Performer's stage
  • Small wooden table with panpipes and tambourine
  • Bagpipes (that print/lay flat)
  • Large harp (prints in 2 parts and glues together)
  • Hurdy-gurdy
  • Lyre (with a stand)
  • Upright Bass
  • War horn (bone with carving), attached to stone pedestal (requires supports)
  • Simple music stand with sheet music (prints in top/bottom pieces)


Scale is suitable for 28 mm - 32 mm tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), Pathfinder, and Warhammer, but does vary in size depending on designer. Please use the references provided in the photos shown with either 1 inch grids, D20, or 28 mm miniatures for scale.

This model set comes unpainted. By default, grey color is used to print with, but may use natural object color (ex: green for plants).

Backgrounds or game mats not included.

Source models are copyright Hero's Hoard / EC3D Designs, provided as an officially licensed seller.