Gothic Ruins 5 Wargaming Terrain Warhammer Terrain
Gothic Ruins 5

Gothic Ruins 5

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Explosions are heard in the distance as you peer over the wall, eyeing what you think is the enemy position. A loud crack sounds and stone splinters right by your face. You hurriedly duck back behind cover. Damn sniper!


Scaled to 28 mm.

We usually use a grey/silver color (unless colors are listed as an option), but might use an alternative that may be closer to the base color of a particular piece, such as light blue for ice terrain, green for plants, brown for wood, etc. Regardless of the 3D printed color, you can prime and paint to whatever end color you want. Contact us if you wish for a print to be a certain base color and we'll do our best to accommodate.

This model set comes unpainted.

Any miniatures, backgrounds, or game mats not included.

Licensed printer for URBANMATZ 3D.