Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Scale is suitable for 28 mm - 32 mm tabletop games, but does vary in size depending on designer. Please use the references provided in the photos shown with either 1 inch grids, D20, or 28 mm miniatures for scale. Alternative scaling upon request.

All models 3D printed come unpainted. Any models shown painted are for advertisement purposes only.

3D prints for PLA or resin colors by default are gray/silver. However, I may print in another color if I feel it is closer to the base look of the object. Remember, 3D prints can be painted whatever color you want, just like other miniature plastics.

Backgrounds or game mats are not included with any purchase. They are used for showcasing purposes only.

Only physical prints are sold. Source models are copyrighted by their respective vendor. You should see on each page who designed that model. If you are interested in purchasing the .stl files themselves, you can visit their page through the designers page located at the bottom of the website under quick links.

Shipping Policy

We are a print on demand service, which means we may need to print what you ordered if not already in stock. Target shipping is 2 weeks from order date. If this cannot be met due to large order volumes, we'll keep you updated on when to expect your purchase.

If you are missing an item from your order, please contact us so we can correct.

If an item arrives damaged due to shipping, please take pictures of the package and the 3D printed damaged item. Note, that this must be done within 4 days from the date your order has been delivered.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is not shared with any other 3rd party entity. Our business is strictly selling 3D prints.