What should I expect for a 3D printed model?

By default, all prices shown are FDM (PLA filament) printed. Due to the nature of the FDM technology, there may be small surface imperfections on the model. The majority of support structures are removed, although may warrant further detailed clean up. With over hangs, there may be a small amount of droop, which if present can be easily cleaned with hobby tools.


What layer resolution are models printed at?

Most of the models are printed at 28 mm scale. Depending on the terrain, it is printed at .20 mm to .10 mm layer height with a FDM 3D printer. Miniature models are printed at .07 mm layer height in order to capture more detail since they are usually smaller. If you want items printed at thinner layer heights or have questions, please contact us for adjusted order pricing.


Is SLA resin printing offered?

Yes! This is recommended for smaller models such as smaller miniatures. Contact us for adjusted pricing.


How fast do I get my models?

We are a print on demand service. Once your order is placed, it will be placed into the queue to print. Depending on the size of the order and models purchased, it can take a few days to print. We aim to ship within 2 weeks.


Do these models come painted?

No, all models come as printed off of the 3D printer, usually in a gray/silver color.


What scale are models printed at?

Models are usually printed at the default 100% scale as given to us by the 3D designers, with exceptions noted. If you want items printed at an alternate scale, please contact us for adjusted order pricing.


Can you print STL files that are not listed on the website, including non-tabletop gaming items?

We sure can! If there is something that you find that interests you and want 3D printed,  please contact us for pricing. Please also see the Custom 3D Printing page.


What color and filament is used?

We usually use a grey/silver PLA, but might use a color that may be closer to the base color of a particular piece, such as light blue for ice terrain. Regardless of the 3D printed color, you can prime and paint to what ever end color you wish.