I have been interested in all sorts of games since I was a kid. I was raised on Sega Genesis, and the Sony Playstation. My whole family enjoyed playing board games, including classics like Monopoly and Risk (although I realized in life later that Risk is a terrible game mechanics wise!).

Going to college, I got exposed to a whole new world of new board games that really broadened my horizons with what was out there, such as Small World and Dominion. After meeting my wife (also a gamer!), we got to explore more content that was enjoyable such as story puzzles. I also blame my wife for getting me into Warhammer 40k, since it was her dad and brother that pulled me into that!

Three years ago, I played my first game of Dungeons and Dragons and was blown away with how fun it was. I have been playing several campaigns since. Around the same time, I finally took the leap into something I had a vague interest in; 3D printing.

At first, it was just a way to make terrain for Warhammer 40k, but then I realized I could do much more. In the summer of 2019, I had this crazy idea of starting a 3D printing company to make content in the gaming niche. In October of 2019, I officially launched Kopper Orc 3D. Now, I have the goal of sharing with the gaming community all of the unique and amazing models that are out there, and helping them bring their stories and adventures to life!