Cincy Con 2020

A bit late, but I wanted to talk about my first time having a booth selling my wares and supporting the local Warhammer 40k tournament at Cincy Con 2020.

Cincy Con is held at the Butler County Fairgrounds ( every year at the beginning of March. I have historically attended playing in the Warhammer 40k tournament for the past 5 years. This time however, I was going to try my hand at selling my new 3D printed items in the merchant area. But I still wanted to show off my stuff to the gaming community and help out with some awesome looking terrain! From what I was told later, there were times where players were in disagreement on which of these boards to play on!

Arctic setup

cincycon2020 arctic 40k table


Crash on Alien Planet setup

cincycon2020 40k table crash on alien planet


Necron setup. Players really liked this one since the towers had cutouts with green tea lights inside, giving off a really cool ambiance.

cincycon2020 40k necron table

cincycon2020 40k necron table2


Another popular one with the combination of lots of ruined buildings and themed map. This was setup with the live stream going on too!

cincycon2020 urban 40k map1cincycon2020 urban 40k map2


 My plan going forward is to keep these sets available for future use (they were used in another tournament as well) and to show off how 3D printed can bring some really interesting environments to life for gamers.


For the tending the booth, I was there Friday through Sunday. I had some experience before with helping my mom and sister's soap business, so it wasn't too bad. It was cool talking to people that came up, and talking about dungeons and dragons or related topics. My booth neighbors were cool too! If COVID-19 passes, I'll look to setting up there again next year!